Upcoming events

  • Summer vacation 2018 - 13/6

    During week 28-32 we will have limited resources due to holiday season.

    Week 29 & 30 the company will be closed for summer shutdown. 

    We wish you all a nice and relaxing summer! 



  • Aero Materiel undertake a wide range in what we call multi-functional hatch which includes fasteners, locks, hinges, gas springs and telescopic rails.

  • We work with vendors from all over the world ​​which guarantee high product quality (SUSPA gas spring, Southco locks, hinges, Dzus quick-release, S & D continuous hinge, Schock telescopic slides). The remainder are several variations on friction, position and weld hinges, cam latches, compression and cylinder lock.

  • To enhance our customer service, we have a standard range stock of continuous hinges, quick-release fasteners. Cage Nuts, rivet nuts and rubber nuts are a few different fasteners are held.